Monday, March 10, 2014

Quantum dot technology reveals involvement of endothelial NOX2 in VCAM expression

Please see the fascinating article by Dr. Orndorff et al. published in AJP-Lung and selected for inclusion in APS Select.  Dr. Orndorff and her collaborators attached antibodies against VCAM and PECAM to fluorescent quantum dots to pinpoint the sequence of events leading to the sticking and activated neutrophils on endothelial cells.  Their data show for the first time that in LPS induced injury reactive species generated by endothelial NOX2  (in addition to neutrophil NOX2) upregulate VCAM  causing neutrophil to stick to endothelial cells and produce reactive intermediates which damage endothelial cells.  Please see the highly informative (and colorful) figures in this article here.  The authors should be congratulated for their highly innovative study.

It is fair to say that there is still some controversy as to the extent to which neutrophils contribute to the pathogenesis of ARDS-type injury in both humans and animals.  Of note, Dr. Gessner et al. showed that exposure of mice to oxidant gases damaged neutrophils decreasing their ability to generate reactive intermediates in their June 2013 article. Please also see the review by Drs. William and Chambers on “The mercurial nature of neutrophils: still an enigma in ARDS?” recently published in AJP-Lung.

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