Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Ebola Epidemic: Does it ever end?

The Ebola outbreak has been in the forefront of the news this year. Please take a moment to read our editorial, “Ebola: History, treatmentand lessons from a new emerging pathogen.”
on this very deadly disease by Dr. Kevin S. Harrod, a prominent member of our Editorial Board with significant expertise in virology.  Within this article you will see two highlighted tables on the etiology, transmission and clinical outcome of Ebola infection.  Ebola is another example of a zoonotic disease (like AIDS) but its natural reservoir has not been identified. 

During the last two years we have published at least 14 articles on viral infections {Pubmed search using the following terms: am j physiol lung cell mol physiol. AND viral infections AND (2014 OR 2013)}.  Please submit your research manuscripts on viral infections to AJP-Lung.  They will be reviewed promptly and fairly and the reviews will improve the quality of your paper.

With best wishes for the holidays

Sadis Matalon, PhD, Sc.D. (Hon.)
Editor in Chief, AJP-Lung

Amy McEver,
Administrative Assistant, AJP-Lung

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