Monday, June 2, 2014

Nicotine: The Good and the Bad

A number of studies have suggested that nicotine may have beneficial effects in Alzheimers disease (1), but nicotine is not so beneficial in the lung. Small airway obstruction with viscous mucus is correlated with lung decline in COPD patients, and nicotine is known to promote mucus hypersecretion (2). In a recent study in AJP Lung by Chen et al. (, the authors suggest that nicotine does more than that. They show that nicotine directly interacts with the mucins and affects their hydration properties and leads to higher mucus viscosity as monitored by multiple particle tracking techniques. The study is important because poor hydration of mucins is closely correlated with increased bacterial infections and lung function decline in COPD patients (3) and supports the view that even second-hand cigarette smoke has harmful effects.
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The following articles on this topic were published in AJP-Lung during the last two years:

Nicotine alters mucin rheological properties.

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PMID: 22923641



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